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Jesse Mills

A Field Guide to Men's Health

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Guys, it's time to step it up and start taking care of yourselves. Which doesn't mean making impossible-to-stick-to changes. Written by one of the leading doctors whose practice is devoted solely to men, A Field Guide to Men's Health shows, in the simplest and most effective way possible, how to manage the cornerstones of a healthy life while improving your chances for making it a long one, too. Including:
  • Cardiovascular health-did you know that blood pressure is the most vital of vital signs?
  • Diet and nutrition-follow a formula of 60 percent fruits and vegetables, 30 percent lean proteins, and 10 percent complex carbs for meals, and monitor your waist size to find your ideal weight.
  • Movement, with the best exercise programs for each decade of your life.
  • Sexual health' with an owner's guide to the penis.
  • Lifestyle, with tips on everything from managing stress-reducing it, embracing it-to the importance of vitamin D.

Above all, make these tenets the three pillars of a healthy life: Eat less, move more, sleep more.

ISBN: 9781579659783

256 pages, 229 x 114 mm

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A Field Guide to Men's Health