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Jennifer Jackson

Ballet - The Essential Guide to Technique and Creative Practice

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Ballet is a detailed guide to creative practice and performance.

Compiled by ten leading practitioners, each chapter focuses on an aspect of ballet as a performing art. Together they outline a journey from the underpinning principles of ballet, through an appreciation of different styles and schooling, into the dance studio for practice in class and beyond.

With additional insights from highly acclaimed dancers, choreographers and teachers, this practical guide offers advice on fundamental and advanced training and creative development.

As well as providing information from dance science research into training well-being, this book supports the individual dancer in their artistic growth, offering strategies for exploration and discovery.

Topics include: principles, styles and schooling of classical ballet; fundamental technique and advanced expression; developing versatility and creative thinking; advice on injury management, nutrition and lifestyle; choreography and music and, finally, best practice in the rehearsal studio is covered.

'A wonderfully accessible and comprehensive resource about the individual disciplines involved in ballet.’ Leanne Benjamin OBE, former Principal of The Royal Ballet and international coach

ISBN: 9781785008306

224 pages, 189 x 246 mm

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Ballet - The Essential Guide to Technique and Creative Practice