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Cerridwen Greenleaf

The Book of Norse Magic

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Discover the secrets of the Norse people and their magical practices to manifest an enchanted life.

Embark on a sacred journey into the marvellous and mystical world of Norse magic, with Wiccan medieval scholar Cerridwen Greenleaf as your guide. Gain insight into the wonders of runes, including the art of divination, spells for protection and how to imbue treasured objects with your personal magic.

Learn about Norse mythology, including the stories of the major gods and goddesses and how to call upon them for support and wisdom.

Discover the basics of tree magic, such as the legend of Yggdrasil, the tree of life, and how to read omens in nature to avoid misfortune.

With Cerridwen Greenleaf's vast knowledge of medieval studies, The Book of Norse Magic is an eminently useful and inspirational handbook on harnessing this ancient power for modern life to bring wellness, calm, love, money and luck.

ISBN: 9781800651241

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The Book of Norse Magic