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Caren Baruch-Feldman, PhD & Rebecca Comizio, MA, MEd

The Resilience Workbook for Kids

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Available August 2022

32 Skills to Build "I CAN DO IT" muscles.

The Resilience Workbook for Kids offers engaging activities grounded in evidence-based cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) and positive psychology to help your child recover from difficult experiences. Your child will learn how to “make friends with" their emotions, focus on the things in life that make them happy, and connect with what really matters to them. Finally, your child will discover how helping others can make them feel good about themselves, so they can move beyond feelings like sadness, fear, and anger.

Resilience can help kids stay strong and recover from the psychological impact of stress. This workbook will help your child find the tools needed to build resilience in the face of stress, so they can bounce back even better.

This fun and engaging workbook will help kids:

  • Get through difficult times
  • Manage emotions
  • Build skills to last a lifetime

ISBN: 9781684039166

188 pages



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The Resilience Workbook for KidsThe Resilience Workbook for KidsThe Resilience Workbook for KidsThe Resilience Workbook for Kids