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Kendra Norton

The Reverse Coloring Book Mindful Journeys

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Back in stock August 2023

It’s like meditation with a pen—with the colors set down you begin to make lines, lines that calm you, lines that inspire you, lines that absorb you, until the world, and your thoughts, fall away and all that’s left is a perfect flow of attention and concentration. It hardly matters what you make. It’s the act of making that liberates you from distraction and busyness.
Each of the first two 
Reverse Coloring books—with over 205,000 copies in print in just a year—frees the imagination and encourages the user to be calm and creative. But Mindful Journeys takes it one step further with 50 new and original watercolors created specifically to promote mindfulness. Abstract compositions in calming blues and greens. A shower of circles that suggests the infinity of the sky. Swirls of flowery patterns that evoke mandalas. Spiritual symbols, like a yin-yang, a hamsa hand, a flaming heart. Watery waves, and a curling peacock feather.
The possibilities are endless. Trace, sketch, doodle, shade, cover with dots or make a world of images. And lose yourself in time and space. Images in the book are printed on sturdy paper that’s single-sided and perforated. All you need is your favorite pen.

ISBN 9781523518074

104 pages, 280 x 215 mm

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The Reverse Coloring Book Mindful JourneysThe Reverse Coloring Book Mindful JourneysThe Reverse Coloring Book Mindful Journeys