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Lois Blyth

The Secrets of Happiness

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Swap worry and anxiety for joy and contentment and choose to live in a happier way.
Happiness is like a riddle. The more we want it and the more we seek it, the more elusive it becomes. And yet, when we are least conscious of looking for it, it can envelop us in a warm sense of contentment and belonging, making a single moment precious and valuable beyond measure. A feeling of happiness has the power to light up our whole being. Scientists will tell us that it has the power to heal and to extend life. It is the ingredient we all seek to make our lives complete. The Secrets of Happiness offers you a more joyous approach to living and thinking; a shift in approach that may reframe your view of the world; simple things you can do to re-consider your life consciously so that you can decide whether now is the time when you can be happier. It includes strategies to warm the heart and open the mind to the extraordinary power of happiness. The good news is, happiness is within everyonegrasp. It has the power to transform, heal and restore life back to one worth living.
A subject that has wide appeal everyone wants to be happy and there are an increasing number of studies and articles on what makes us happy.
Happiness is now on the political agenda as governments call for a happiness index.
Beautifully illustrated and full of useful advice, making this a practical as well as inspirational book.

ISBN: 9781908862815
235 x 190mm, 144pp

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The Secrets of Happiness