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Jennifer Haworth

Vienna Behind the Facades

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If you think you know Vienna, think again.
Vienna: Behind the façades – a personal journey is the story of Jenny Haworth’s life-long love affair with Vienna, a personal memoir that pulls back the curtain and reveals the secrets of a city that once considered itself the centre of the world.

The city is celebrated in all its beauty, its culture and its grandeur, but shameful aspects of its past and its influential role on the world stage are also explored, stories that even today can make one wonder how the city survived at all.

This book is an absorbing read from a woman who has loved the city all her life but doesn’t flinch from going to the heart of Vienna and telling the truth about it. Much more than a travel guide or a history book, Vienna: Behind the façades – a personal journey
shows how this city emerged over the centuries and became the seed bed for many of the best and the worst of the ideologies and freedoms of the 20th century. Vienna’s charm remains intact, but finally, also, its full story is on show as well.

ISBN: 9781927167427

336 pages, 152 x 229 mm

Includes Full Colour Inserts

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Vienna Behind the Facades