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Christine Burke

Yoga for Everyday Life

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Do you have a pain in your neck that won't go away? Are you often impatient or overwhelmed? Would you like a greater sense of love, balance, or appreciation in your life? In Yoga for Everyday Life, Christine Burke gives you the power to heal and revitalise yourselfmind, body and spirit!

Practitioners of all levels, from beginner to advanced, occasional to frequent, will love this accessible handbook of remedies based on the art and science of yoga. The first three chapters, 'Remedies for the Body', 'Remedies for the Mind' and 'Remedies for the Spirit', cover a number of physical, mental, and emotional concerns and provide three simple, concise practices for each to address the condition. The final chapter includes longer combined sequences for the morning, noon and night to wake up, recharge and relax.

From alleviating daily aches and pains to improving your state of mind and tapping into your creative spirit, you will find succinct, powerful tools that can be practised anywhere, any time.

ISBN 9781800651876

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Yoga for Everyday LifeYoga for Everyday LifeYoga for Everyday Life