Heritage Style

Selina Lake's Heritage Style featured in Viva Magazine's 30th March issue:

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Enrich Your Space

Maximalist, opulent period interiors are making a
comeback, with shows like The Gilded Age, Bridgerton and The Great subtly influencing our desire for more-is-more interiors. In New Zealand, the grand
rooms and ornate interiors of these richly layered television homes are rare, but there are myriad ways to introduce heritage style to a home, and a new book
by Selina Lake, Heritage Style: A fresh new take on traditional design gives readers a gentle nudge in the right direction. Her book is a celebration of traditional homes and the craftsmanship and decorative details that have stood the test of time. Good bones, period features, wooden floors, plaster cornices or crown mouldings, tiles, windows treatments and handsome fireplaces are all
something to be celebrated.  Heritage Style has advice for playing up these features, using colour, decorative effects and embellishments that make a space
sing, and function beautifully for today.