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Kay Prestney

A Home for All Seasons

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Learn how to create a comfortable, sustainable home that is aligned with the seasons and celebrates the beauty of the natural world.

There are many benefits to seasonal living, which encourages us to live in harmony with nature as we mark the passing of the year. Each chapter of this book is dedicated to one of the four seasons. In the spring, celebrate new beginnings: bring in blossom and plant bulbs in antique chinaware. Summer is the time to embrace outdoor living with sheer linens and lots of texture, while autumn brings the harvest as the nights draw in: embrace it with earthy tones, dried flowers and cosy furnishings. And in winter, candles, evergreen foliage and soft sheepskins bring light and warmth to the darkest time of the year. Kay Prestney and Becca Cherry present beautiful interiors alongside practical styling inspiration. Seasonal colour palettes, natural materials and biophilic elements are key to this style of decorating, which uses the changing hues of the natural world to create an intentional, comforting home.

ISBN 9781788796125

176 pages, 254 x 216 mm

A Home for All SeasonsA Home for All SeasonsA Home for All SeasonsA Home for All Seasons