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Cherie Hausler

A Plant-Based Farmhouse

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Wherever she's lived around the world, Cherie Hausler's instinct has been to host 'country gatherings' - bringing people together to share good food and good times. That passion grew when she returned home to the Barossa Valley to settle in an unrenovated 150-year-old stone farmhouse on Koonunga Hill.

It's there that she tends a rambling edible garden, forages for wild olives, turns apples into cider vinegar, makes kombucha, bakes, blends (and drinks!) tea, tends her horses, ducks, dogs, and other animal friends, and nurtures community connection through vegan food. At a local horticultural meeting, Cherie was reminded of how easy it can be to find familiar food territory with others: 'Oh, we all eat plants dear - nothing new in that,' one member quipped.

'I'm thrilled by this beautiful book. Cherie's recipes are bursting with flavour and creativity. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.' Maggie Beer

ISBN:  9781922616746

256 Pages

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A Plant-Based FarmhouseA Plant-Based FarmhouseA Plant-Based FarmhouseA Plant-Based Farmhouse