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Jenny Tschiesche

Budget Air-Fryer Cookbook

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101 delicious, time-saving and economical recipes from your air fryer for all the family to enjoy.

Following Jenny Tschieshe’s bestselling Air-Fryer Cookbook, this new book offers nutritious and budget-friendly recipes. Each recipe aims to reduce the amount of energy used to cook food by using the air fryer instead of the oven. Using an air fryer cost from a third to half less than using an electric oven, so the savings could make a big dent in your bills if you swap to this nifty gadget. The popularity of air fryers looks set to last, and why not with its amazing list of benefits not just to the household budget, but for the time-poor cook too. Using an air fryer drastically cuts down on cooking times, making these recipes fantastic for anyone cooking in a hurry too.

The recipes in this invaluable book cater for a wide range of tastes and needs, exploring ideas for using cans, jars, and cartons, cooking from frozen, using up leftovers, using cheaper cuts of meat, grains and legumes, vegetable-based dishes, and much more. Jenny Tschieshe’s first book taught us that an air fryer doesn’t just have to be for beige food, but can be used for all manner of cooking from roast chicken to perfect sweet bakes. Now it’s time to take things a step further by focusing on making the most of your air fryer in terms of flavour as well as keeping your energy and food costs as low as possible.

ISBN 9781788795524

144 pages, 190 x 235 mm


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Budget Air-Fryer CookbookBudget Air-Fryer CookbookBudget Air-Fryer CookbookBudget Air-Fryer CookbookBudget Air-Fryer Cookbook