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Gillian Kemp

Celtic Goddesses and Their Spells

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Discover your inner goddess through the amazing divinities.

The Celtic goddesses and druids were legendary beings. Now these heavenly spirits have personal relationships with us in everything we do. All females are divinely attuned to goddesses from birth for guidance and protection through life until death. Working by divine plan, goddesses imbue us with their ancient wisdom, which becomes our own, helping us to avoid pitfalls and reach our full potential.

Celtic Goddesses and Their Spellsfeatures 52 of these inspiring deities, all beautifully illustrated. Each goddess and her main powers are described, followed by a spell associated with her. For example, Cerridwen is the goddess of truth and she encourages you to be your most authentic self, while Awen, goddess of inspiration, helps you find the answers you need.

ISBN 9781800652378

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Celtic Goddesses and Their SpellsCeltic Goddesses and Their SpellsCeltic Goddesses and Their Spells