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Adriana Cavita

Cocina Mexicana

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Experience authentic Mexican dishes on a culinary journey around the country with a celebrated chef and restaurateur.

Adriana Cavita grew up in a small village in Mexico and was inspired to enter the food industry by her grandmother who ran a street-food business. Adriana has travelled around Mexico learning about regional food traditions and experienced the fire and smell of wood in the small towns around the coast and the mountains, where people cook barbacoa (food cooked over flame), agaves for mezcal and tequila, and cochinita pibil (slow-roasted pork) to name just a few.

 Adriana’s extensive travels have influenced this collection of recipes. From the northern, more rugged dishes of Baja Fish Tacos and Birria (beef stew), through the centre of the country with a wealth of quesadillas and Pollo en Adobo (chicken adobo), all the way to the southern regions of Yucatan and Oaxaca featuring Tlayudas con Carne Asada (often referred to as the Oaxaca pizza!). Adriana also introduces the basics of Mexican cooking, including salsas, corn dough, tostadas and moles and includes a selection of tantalizing Mexican cocktails heralding the popularity of tequila and mezcal. Adriana’s take on traditional Mexican dishes tell a story of her heritage and the people who taught her the craft of cooking and will open your eyes to real, authentic Mexican food.

ISBN 9781788795531

192 pages, 254 x 200 mm

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Cocina MexicanaCocina MexicanaCocina MexicanaCocina Mexicana