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Andrea Gentl

Cooking with Mushrooms

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In her extraordinary first cookbook, Andrea Gentl brings to her subject equal parts knowledge and technique, along with a unique passion and sensibility. From sprinkling adaptogenic powder over granola to reinventing schnitzel with king trumpets, Cooking with Mushrooms expands our ideas of how to use mushrooms as both a food and a flavour, a seasoning and the star of the plate.

Here are a variety of mushroom broths to make you feel better. Breakfast recipes like Soupy Eggs with Chanterelles. Mushroom Larb or a Crispy Shiitake 'Bacon' Endive Wedge Salad makes the perfect lunch. Mushroom Ragu or a Roast Chicken with Miso Mushroom Butter can change the dinner game, and a Maple Mushroom Ice Cream will transform your ideas about dessert.

The dishes might sound familiar, lasagna, risotto, a bourguignon, brownies,  but the ingredients and flavours are as unexpected as they are delicious. In all, Cooking with Mushrooms features nearly 100 recipes that unlock the powerful flavours and health-giving properties of the world's most magical ingredient.

ISBN 9781648291500

164 pages

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Cooking with MushroomsCooking with MushroomsCooking with MushroomsCooking with Mushrooms