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Mary Lambert

Crystal Power

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Do you want to find love? Are you looking for greater career success? Discover 150 easy tips for harnessing the healing and energizing power of crystals in positive ways.
In this practical guide, best-selling author Mary Lambert reveals everything you need to know about choosing and using more than 100 crystals which are all commonly available. Place crystals in your home to harmonise your space, pacify neighbours and attract passion; display crystals at work to boost personal empowerment, connect with your intuition or inspire creativity; use healing crystals to alleviate emotional pain or ease the discomfort of travel sickness; or discover your birthstone with crystal astrology, reveal the crystals you need to enhance your potential and balance the personality traits associated with your sign.
Packed with solutions and practical ideas, you will also find tips on choosing, cleansing and attuning your crystals to maximise their unique energies.

Harness the transformative power of crystals and change your life for the better!

ISBN 9781800653207

160 pages, 235 x 190 mm

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Crystal PowerCrystal PowerCrystal Power