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Sarah Baxter

Foodie Places Inspired Travellers Guide

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Eat your way around the globe with this mouthwatering tour of the tastiest, most inventive, most diverse food on the planet.

A region’s food is truly a window into its 
rich history and culture – nothing tells the story of a place so profoundly as the food it serves.
FoodiePlaces is a stunning, hand-illustrated guide for gastronomic adventurers intrigued by the rich cultural heritage behind the world's best food. Travel journalist Sarah Baxter visits 25 food capitals from across the globe, including
traditional foodie havens as well as surprising places with their own world-class offering. Accompanied by stunning illustrations, each entry simmers with 
the flavour and buzz of the location.

ISBN: 9780711287327 

146 Pages

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Foodie Places Inspired Travellers Guide