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Jo van Dam & Deborah Hinde

Jungle Jazz

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Jazz sounds drift through the trees deep in the South American jungle. Creatures wriggle, shake and swing to the beat of the drums. Snake really wants to be part of the band but he has no thumbs to thrum or strum. He can't even hum or bang on a drum! Snake tires of watching The Dung Beatles having fun every evening, jazzing and jiving and having a ball, so he decides to do something about it.

What happens next is the unfolding of a hilarious tale of finding that 'hidden talent', that special something that you're unknowingly good at. Jungle Jazz is a warm and humorous story about friendship, about working together to find a solution to what appears to be impossible.

Written by New Zealand school librarian, Jo van Dam and gorgeously illustrated by Deborah Hinde, the lush jungle foliage and deep warm tones used in the illustrations are a perfect backdrop for the band and the animals. The back cover flap reveals a surprise board game of Snakes and Ladders, perfect for kids to practice their counting and arithmetic.

ISBN 9780473669386

32 pages, 250 x 240 mm

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Jungle JazzJungle JazzJungle Jazz