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LEGO Botanicals Almanac

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Available March 2024

Botany in bricks! Take a closer look: This intricately illustrated compendium of flowers and plants has a LEGO® twist—the blooms are built of bricks! Inspired by the bestselling LEGO Botanical sets, this almanac combines floral facts, hand-drawn botanical illustrations, and exclusive stories from the LEGO set designers themselves, plus a bonus collectible flower print to display.

Inspired by scientific drawings of flora, the beauty is in the details of the singular LEGO® 
Botanical Almanac. Each page presents a deeper look into a stunning LEGO bloom, succulent, or plant—from garden varietals to the exquisitely exotic. Like traditional botany illustrations, these LEGO flowers are presented as stunning works of art and detailed dissections of real species. Dip in and out to learn about each plant and discover behind-the-scenes details of how LEGO set designers turned iconic bricks into captivating natural forms. A perfect gift for LEGO fans and unlike any other book before it, the LEGO® Botanical Almanac highlights where art meets science and building meets play—a true celebration of the boundless creativity of the LEGO brand.

ISBN 9781797227801

112 pages


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LEGO Botanicals AlmanacLEGO Botanicals AlmanacLEGO Botanicals AlmanacLEGO Botanicals Almanac