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Alec Posta

LEGO Build Every Day

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Available August 2022

A collection of inspirational, bite-sized lessons on creativity and life taught through LEGO brick building. A handful of LEGO bricks can change the way you see the world. They can ignite your creativity, help you solve problems, focus, and find your flow. In LEGO Build Every Day, Master Model builder Alec Posta show readers how to build their way through problems-by using LEGO techniques to solve real life challenges.

Filled with bite-sized lessons on creativity, perspective, and process, each illustrated chapter explores a LEGO concept and follows with a building prompt to put the idea into practice. Its bold typographic design and thought-provoking topics and prompts make LEGO Build Every Day a thoughtful gift for graduates of all ages, or anyone in need of inspiration at a milestone moment.

What might you discover about yourself by simply sitting down and building something every day?

Perfect for: Ages 12+

ISBN: 9781797214139



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LEGO Build Every DayLEGO Build Every DayLEGO Build Every DayLEGO Build Every Day