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Lea Redmond

Little Letters of Love

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This mini version of the bestselling Letters to My... series contains 75 mini tear-off sheets to send little notes of love. Each one can be folded into an adorably small envelope, sealed with the enclosed stickers, and slipped into a loved-one's pocket.

Keep It Short and Sweet.Little Letters to Love is quick and easy: write a little message, fold, seal, and deliver!

Included are 75 little letters that fold into adorably small envelopes, perfect for:

Adding to a gift
Slipping into your sweetheart's pocket
Bringing good cheer to a friend

Seal letters with the 75 stickers included before before handing this little letter to its recipient and putting a smile on their face!

ISBN: 9781452168494

75 pages, 88 x 115mm


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Little Letters of Love