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Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara

Lenny Henry Little People Big Dreams

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Lenny Henry wanted to be a comedian. At home in Dudley, England, he would pretend to be the characters he watched on TV, copying scenes from his favourite shows to entertain his six brothers and sisters. But life wasn't always easy, and at school Lenny found himself the subject of racist bullying—until he figured out a way to beat the bullies using humour. This was when he realised he had a gift: he could make people laugh. He shot to fame aged 16 and the following decades were full of great successes, such as his hugely popular TV programme The Lenny Henry Show. Lenny co-founded the charity Comic Relief in response to a terrible famine in East Africa. Over 25 years later, Lenny and the charity remain committed to creating a just world, free from poverty, and have raised millions of pounds. An actor, a comedian, an author and a champion of inclusivity, Lenny is a much-loved figure whose story encourages us to keep smiling. 

ISBN 9780711285408

240 x 195mm, 32 pages

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Lenny Henry Little People Big DreamsLenny Henry Little People Big DreamsLenny Henry Little People Big Dreams