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Clare Connolly

Meditations for a Powerful You

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Feel better every day and experience the vital power of your inner energy through simple and effective guided meditations for greater ease, clarity, balance and joy.

Energy is everywhere and in everything. It is deep within every atom of your physical being—right now you are literally alive with energy. However, sometimes it can feel like you don’t have enough. In Meditations for a Powerful You, BBC Radio meditation coach and long-time yoga teacher Clare Connolly guides you through over 30 beautifully illustrated meditation practices and breathing techniques, with supporting audio links, to help you reconnect with your intrinsic energy and the power of your miraculous human body and mind. Whether you want to set the tone for the day or prepare for blissful sleep, let go of anxiety, improve your health, or attract abundance, Clare imparts enjoyment and success throughout these life-changing meditations. When you meditate, your brain and body move into rest, restore and repair mode, to free up space for that energy within your body to recharge. Discover how to bring back a sparkle to your eyes, a fire to your belly and vigour and passion into your life, now!

ISBN 9781800653047

144 pages, 235 x 190 mm

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Meditations for a Powerful YouMeditations for a Powerful YouMeditations for a Powerful YouMeditations for a Powerful You