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Anji Cho & Laura Morris

Mindful Living

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Build a deeper connection with your home and environment on an energetic level through everyday magic: a mix of mindfulness, rituals, and intentional living.

Whether you are based in an urban area or rural setting, have ample space or live somewhere more compact, this book will show you how changing the energy in your home can increase wellbeing in all parts of your life. East meets west throughout the book as Anjie Cho and Laura Morris offer meditative reflections and unique perspectives on how to work with the traditional practice of feng shui in a modern way, based on their own cultural experiences and practices. Each chapter presents a new concept through fun and engaging insights, reflections, and hands-on exercises, from exploring color and choosing plants to being mindful of the changing seasons. As you move through the book, you will not only learn the basics of feng shui, but you will also love how your home feels.

ISBN 9781800653467

144 pages, 235 x 190 mm

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Mindful LivingMindful LivingMindful Living