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Antonia A F Petersens

Nordic Homes in Colour

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The Nordic colour palette has seen a dramatic shift in recent years – plain white walls and monochrome tones have been replaced with rich, complex and vibrant hues. 

As well as discussing the theories behind this shift and analysing the most popular colour schemes, in Nordic Homes in Colour Antonia af Petersens offers expert advice on choosing colour for your home. She visits 10 Nordic homes divided into three different styles. 'Dark Eclectic' schemes feature deep, intense hues: dusk blue, storm grey, forest green and indigo, all inspired by the more dramatic tones of the Nordic landscape. 'Bold Accents' focuses on the details that add character – deep red berry bushes or the russet tones of the northern birch forests in autumn. Finally, in 'Majestic Pastels' Antonia provides a glimpse into interiors decorated in strong but subtle pastels for a remarkably modern effect. Nordic Homes in Colour is a fantastic new edition of the previously published New Nordic Colour.

ISBN 9781788795920

160 pages, 254 x 215 mm

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Nordic Homes in ColourNordic Homes in ColourNordic Homes in ColourNordic Homes in Colour