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Fifi O'Neill

Small Spaces, Big Appeal

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In recent years, many have turned our backs on the trend for oversized houses and embraced small-space living. Cosy, compact dwellings have so much to offer; they bring families closer together and make it easier than ever to express personal style. In Small Homes, Big Appeal, Fifi O'Neill captures the zeitgeist by showcasing homes across a spectrum of styles and locations, and stories of contented homeowners who have created unique, imaginative spaces.

Living in a small home doesn't preclude having an elegant aesthetic. In fact, it allows you to focus on the elements you truly appreciate and the spaces you will use the most. Whether classically furnished or boasting a happy informality, the little gems featured in this book are more infused with a spirit than put together according to a set of rules. Rooms are airy yet intimate, with nooks and alcoves that offer daydreaming spots and built-in storage in spite of their modest footprints.

Whatever your preferred look, nostalgic, romantic, modern, country, coastal, urban, minimalist or maximalist, living small has big advantages. It encourage us to live more simply and, best of all, to create spaces with style, grace and versatility that rival homes of many times their size.

ISBN 9781800652194

160 pages, 254 x 216 mm


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Small Spaces, Big AppealSmall Spaces, Big AppealSmall Spaces, Big AppealSmall Spaces, Big Appeal