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So. Many. Stickers. 1,000-Piece Puzzle

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What started a year ago with a flash of insight - adding a jigsaw puzzle, Workman's first ever, to the new Flow stationery program - is now a significant business. The world has discovered the joy of slowing down and getting blissfully lost in the mindful activity of piecing together a beautiful image. Now Workman has TK puzzles with over TK copies in print, while the imprints have launched their own successful programs.

Sticker love meets jigsaw puzzle!
So. Many. Stickers. 1,000-Piece Puzzle is so much more than a puzzle! The colorful, fresh artwork was created from your favourite sticker designs-and it comes with stickers to match! Inside you'll find 100 full-colour stickers plus directions for how to make your very own symmetrical sticker art.

  • 1,000 interlocking pieces
  • Full-colour sticker sheet
  • Mini poster

ISBN 9781523515226

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So. Many. Stickers. 1,000-Piece Puzzle