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Sophie Benson

Sustainable Wardrobe

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Sustainable Wardrobe provides a straightforward introduction to maintaining a low-waste wardrobe. Breaking down the key issues into easy-to-digest sections and over fifteen practical projects, the book teaches that small changes in habit can result in a more sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe.

Statistics show that how we are consuming, maintaining and discarding our clothing is having a devastating effect on the planet. There are problems with every part of the cycle and they won't be fixed overnight. So what can we actually do to make a difference?
The answer is that if we all take small steps to improve our habits, it would collectively result in a big change, and this book teaches us exactly how to do this!
Sophie Benson, a journalist specialising in sustainable fashion, will guide you through - breaking down the issues and explaining how we can mitigate them at home: from the clothes we purchase, to the way we care for them, to how we dispose of them.
With easy tutorials to follow (how to read a label and have a conscious closet clear out, upcycling hacks, how to darn socks and how to care for your jeans), Sophie will show you that small changes in habit can result in a more sustainable, eco-friendly wardrobe without breaking the bank.

ISBN 9780711262379

144 pages, 230 x 170 mm

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Sustainable Wardrobe