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Felipe Fuentes Cruz


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More than 60 authentic and modern recipes for tacos, the beating heart of Mexican street food!

From simple supermarket kits to high-end restaurant revamps, a whole spectrum of taco offerings now exists for your pleasure. These small but mighty Mexican staples are finally getting the credit they deserve on the worldwide culinary stage. Their spiritual home is the street food scene and if you think tacos are unhealthy food, think again! Tacos are much more than ground beef and grated cheese in a crispy shell; they are good food that is good for you. The modern taco trend has taken the world by a storm, and the popularity of these tortilla-wrapped treats is spreading with taco restaurants now established all over the globe. Tacos hail from Mexico and traditional recipes generally involve long-simmered meat or poultry, topped with crispy vegetables, wrapped or sealed in a soft flour or corn tortilla, and served with a dollop of spicy salsa. It is street food par excellence and as the trend has grown, so have the options for filings. This book offers a collection of recipes for taco fillings, with some traditional recipes along with a good selection of contemporary twists to get you hooked on the taco-making craze. Recipes include Lime-marinated Rib Eye Tacos with Red Onion Relish, Chipotle Chicken and Ancho-roasted Butternut Squash, Seafood with Mango-kiwi Salsa and Charred Corn and Vegetables with Chipotle-lime Mayo. There is also a chapter on versatile sides and salsas as a taco is often only as good as the extras you add to it – check out Pico de Gallo, Guacamole, Tomatillo Salsa and Baja Slaw.

ISBN 9781788795890

128 Pages

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