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Petracek, Laura J.

The Anger Workbook for Women

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How to Keep Your Anger from Undermining Your Self-Esteem, Your Emotional Balance, and Your Relationships
Books on anger, by and large, have been written by men for men who express their anger in an outward and explosive way. But women usually express anger through a range of behaviors, from explosive outbursts to quiet seething rage. If you're a woman struggling with anger, this workbook is designed to help you develop skills and strategies for expressing your anger in constructive ways.
No matter what your style of anger is, this workbook can help you identify what triggers your anger. Then, through a series of interactive, relational exercises, you'll learn ways to cope with angry feelings.
Discover the things that might contribute to your anger with engaging worksheets and assessments
Explore the connection between anger and substance abuse, mood disorders, and domestic violence
Integrate elements of narrative, art, and music therapy into a powerful set of anger management tools
Take the power out of certain anger provoking situations with cognitive behavioral and attitude adjustment exercises

ISBN: 9781572243798

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The Anger Workbook for Women