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Lachlan Hayman

The Gnocchi Horror Show Cookbook

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Lights, Korma, Action! Get stuck into these 50 movie-inspired recipes that are worthy of an Oscar.

Why settle for popcorn and a fizzy drink? The Gnocchi Horror Show Cookbook presents a director's cut of the finest dishes paying homage to the finest ever films. Think of them as culinary sequels. With 50 blockbuster pun-based recipes featuring 'The Silence of the Clams', 'Frying Nemo', 'Peel Harbour', 'School of Wok', 'Pinenuts of the Caribbean', 'Cook-a-Dahl Dundee', and 'Jurassic Pork', this is five-star cuisine from the big screen. Each recipe is both delicious and pun-tastic, meaning that you can enjoy your favourite films alongside their accompanying dish or snack. A range of genres are covered, from comedies and dramas to horrors and action films, meaning that you can have everything from 'Edward Caesarhands' to 'Loaf Actually'. May the forks be with you!

ISBN 9781912983636

144 pages, 215 x 175 mm

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The Gnocchi Horror Show CookbookThe Gnocchi Horror Show CookbookThe Gnocchi Horror Show Cookbook