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The Royal Botanic Gardens Kew

The Kew Gardens Botanical Artist

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Capture the enchanting beauty of the natural world with this delightful botanical drawing book, inspired by the extensive archives held at the Royal Botanical Gardens, Kew.

This practical guide makes use of botanical illustrations by such masters as Pierre-Joseph Redouté, Georg Ehret and W H Fitch among many others to explore techniques and how to illustrate the various components of plants accurately.

• A guide to the tools and materials you will need
• Step-by-step projects based on famous artworks, plus advice on how to create your own unique illustrations
• Guidance on the techniques of drawing, composition and perspective
• Explanations on using different media, especially the most commonly used medium of watercolour

Learn from the masters of the craft to produce delicate botanical artwork, based on the beautiful flora that grows around us.

ISBN 9781789502299

232 pages, 280 x 225 mm

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The Kew Gardens Botanical Artist