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Kirsten Riddle

The Little Book of Wicca

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A must-have guide to Wiccan wisdom for any novice witch.

Interested in magic and Wiccan practices but not sure where to start? The Little Book of Wicca is the perfect companion for those beginning their journey into the wonderful world of witchcraft. With a friendly and straightforward approach, Kirsten Riddle dispels common misconceptions of this nature-based spiritual practice and provides practical advice on how to incorporate the principles of Wicca into your daily life. The book features easy-to-follow magical techniques for enhancing your creativity, wellbeing and relationships, from herbal, kitchen and lunar magic to simple spells and rituals using everyday objects and household items. There's even a quick and easy quiz that allows you to discover your Wiccan strengths. With this essential compendium of knowledge, you'll be ready to take your first steps on the Wiccan path.

ISBN 9781800653320

144 pages

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The Little Book of WiccaThe Little Book of WiccaThe Little Book of WiccaThe Little Book of Wicca