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Stacey Smith & Deborah Hinde

The Lucky Little Pig

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Pig followed Farmer Ray into the shed.
“Up you go,” he said, lifting her onto a ledge.
“Oink,” said Pig, “I’m lucky to be out of the water.”

As Cyclone Gabrielle crashed and thundered its way through the Hawke’s Bay night sky, Pig is curled up safe and warm in her pen.

That morning, while inspecting the damage, Pig noticed the puddles had grown and water was everywhere. Farmer Ray called out to Pig to follow him out of the flooded paddock and back to the house where he helped her up onto a ledge in the garage. But safety was short-lived for Pig as she soon found herself surrounded by water again. Taking a deep breath, Pig took a courageous leap of faith into the water and swam outside.

The story follows Pig as she navigates her way through the harsh impacts of the flood, with bravery and hope leading her thinking. Woven through Pigs’ journey are coping mechanisms that the reader, with the help of their parent or caregiver, can replicate when life is getting hard.

At the back of the book are simple ways parents or caregivers can support their child when faced with trauma.

Skillfully illustrated, Pigs story is beautifully brought to life with inspiration from the people and places Pig encountered, turning what could be a story of loss into one of determination and hope.

ISBN 9780473706944

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The Lucky Little Pig