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Hilton Carter

The Propagation Handbook

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In The Propagation Handbook, plant stylist Hilton Carter reveals how to grow and increase your own plant family by propagating existing plants.

Not only a plant lover, Hilton is passionate about propagation, the process of growing a brand new healthy and happy plant from part of an existing one. In this, his fifth book, Hilton talks us through the process of propagating houseplants and explains all the necessary techniques, from the very simplest to more complex methods, such as air layering and grafting. He describes which method to use for different types of plant, and lists essential tools for the process. In Hilton's words: "You hear so much about plant parenthood, but knowing how to propagate and then watching as your little plant takes shape and develops into a full-grown plant is the very definition of this."

ISBN 9781800653108

160 pages, 254 x 200 mm

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The Propagation HandbookThe Propagation HandbookThe Propagation HandbookThe Propagation Handbook