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Abi Dare

The Soft Minimalist Home

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Release date September 2024

Award-winning interiors blogger Abi Dare of These Four Walls reveals a softer, more relaxed approach to minimalism that will enhance your wellbeing and simplify your home.

Many of us yearn to turn our homes into calming sanctuaries, but there are still misconceptions of minimalist decor as sterile, unattainable, and devoid of personality. In her first book, interiors stylist and writer Abi Dare busts the myths, demonstrating that minimalist spaces can be warm, welcoming, and as individual as their inhabitants. 
The Soft Minimalist Home shows how a diverse range of people have created minimalist havens that reflect their tastes and tell their stories. An apartment in London brings unexpected pops of colour, a 1920s Dutch townhouse is filled with light, and a family home in Sweden takes its cues from nature. These home tours are interspersed with practical advice on topics such as choosing a palette, optimizing storage, and adding coziness through texture. Throughout, Abi guides readers to harness the mood-boosting power of minimalist decor for themselves, proving that less really is more.

ISBN 9781788796385

208 pages, 280 x 220 mm

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The Soft Minimalist HomeThe Soft Minimalist HomeThe Soft Minimalist HomeThe Soft Minimalist Home